Contemplating a move can be overwhelming and challenging.  We transform the whole idea of moving from a dreaded event to a successful experience. 

We concentrate on all of the details for you.  Letting us handle the difficult steps as we guide you through the process allows you to be organized and in control. 

Home Transitions

Big or Small, we do it all…
Our clients are transitioning from all types of housing: a large family home to a smaller dwelling or from a condo to a retirement community or even a room to room move.

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Personal Move Plan

The steps involved in each move are similar but the order in which they are required will vary with every client.

We will put together a custom move plan that will be your “roadmap to success”.

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Sort, Organize, Pack

Since 2011, The Move Planners has helped many people with the emotional and time-consuming process of organizing, sorting and packing their belongings to prepare for their move.

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Unpack and New Home Setup

So your move day has arrived. We take care of the entire day.  You get to take the day off and relax!  When you return later in the day, your new space is set up and you can settle right in.

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Sell, Donate, Dispose

But what do I do with all of my stuff?

Excess home contents often immobilizes the client and can lead to added stress, making even the idea of moving seem impossible.

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We take the work and worry out of your move

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