Sell, Donate, Dispose

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But what do I do with all of my stuff?

"My garage, basement and rooms are full!”

Excess home contents often immobilizes the client resulting in them procrastinating with their move which can often lead to added stress.  However, with a Move Planner by your side we can help liquidate your surplus items in the most cost effective way possible.

As we help our clients sort through their belongings, we assist them in identifying the necessary and sentimental items they will need in their next home.  All the extra belongings will be evaluated as to what to do with them.  What will go to family members, what has value and could possibly be sold, if it is broken or damaged perhaps it’s time throw it out.  We can assist with shipping items to family.


Items of value can be sold through various means depending on their quality and the quantity.  We will recommend a variety of sale options and select the manner that suits our clients best.   Estate or yard sales, Kijiji, Marketplace, eBay, consignment stores or auctions are just some of the many options.  Once we have an opportunity to meet and see the contents, our experience will save time and money in sourcing out the best resale solution for the client's stuff!


If there is not a lot of content, donation may be the most cost effective way of clearing the home. The ReStore may take some of the larger furniture and tools. Photos must be sent to them and they will give approval. They also provide a tax receipt for any donations. Clothing donations might be able to be picked up by local charities.  Other donation centers such as Missions Thrift Store, Salvation Army and Value Village are great ways to keep items from going to the landfill. We can remove donations at the end of every shift.


As a last alternative, the broken or undesirable contents can be disposed at the local landfill.  Our team has a truck and trailer which is often more cost effective than calling a junk company.  In addition, we will ensure the household hazardous waste is dealt with properly.

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